Happy Thanksgiving, everybody! I hope you're doing well in these crazy times! Life in the time of Covid is definitely a bit strange but one somewhat normal thing is still happening in DC to bring some holiday cheer! The Downtown DC Holiday Market is up and running (with Covid precautions in place). While there will be no live music this year, a bunch of us recorded sets for them to show on a big screen down at the actual market so if you'd like to see me sing you some holiday tunes, head down to the National Portrait Gallery and look for the big screen/listen via the speakers throughout the market on Wednesday November 25th and Friday December 18th! My set should be playing 2-3 PM both days. Don't forget to pick up something awesome from my vendor friends while you're down there- there's no better place to get a unique holiday gift! 

Are you high risk? Nervous about crowds? Staying hunkered down until the new year?  No problem, you can check my set out right here as well as often as you like - might I suggest Christmas Eve? Let's have a singalong! I sure do miss you all and hope to see you in 2021! 

I've also been added to a few Spotify Playlists that feature talent local to the DMV. Feel free to click the links below to check them out! 

WPA Work From Home Playlist Vol. 5 (put together by Washington Performing Arts and Mars Arts) WPA Work From Home Vol. 5

DC Artist Connection (put together by DCAC) DC Artist Connection

Hope to see you in the real world one of these days but in the meantime, keep safe!