Virtual Rhode Island Avenue Porch Fest

Washington, DC

I've had a great time performing at the Rhode Island Avenue PorchFest in the past and am excited to join them again this year for their Virtual Porch Fest. I kind of think this is conceptually awesome cuz now you can watch me from your porch and it remains a porch fest! I will not be performing from my porch because I don't have one but if I did, we could make it a total porch experience... Anyway, more details are coming but I do know that my set is 1 PM -1:20 PM EST. As with any virtual events, things could run a little early or a little late but I know my friend Seth Kibel and his son Will are playing right before me and Seth is about the most punctual musician I know so I'm thinking these times will be pretty accurate : ) Again, when I understand where you have to go to tune in, I'll let you know but I wanted to give ya'll a heads up that there will be an entire festival of music for you to enjoy! Hope to "see" you there!