I'm super excited to be back at Glen Echo for Swing Night with Gotta Swing! I'll be singing with the Seth Kibel's Bay Jazz Project but we'll be battling it out against Hailey's Hot Gumbo Swingtet so expect to hear an unusual amount of clarinet ;)

• Beginner swing lesson with Tom and Debra 8-9pm • Bands play 9-11:30pm • Admission $30/door • SAVE $10! Purchase in advance online and pay $20; ticket sales ends at 12noon the day of the dance

What a fabulous night! Two of DC’s most famous purveyors of the licorice stick duke it out onstage. We know Halley Shoenberg from her incredible reed work with the Tom Cunningham Orchestra, Blue Sky Five, and other groups. Seth Kibel appears regularly with Bay Jazz Project, Daryl Davis Band, Natty Beaux and more. What happens when two titans of the clarinet, onstage with some pretty incredible musicians, battle to the death? We can’t wait to find out! (By the way, this is a rematch–we did this back in 2014 and had a TON of fun.)