Kids Jazz Show w/Seth Kibel

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Bel Air Armory, 37 N Main Street, Bel Air

azz for People who are Shorter than Me-- Seth and his fellow musicians will demonstrate what makes jazz musicians tick -- improvisation, self-expression, and a whole lotta fun! Familiar melodies will be "jazzed" up with saxophone, flute, clarinet, piano, and more, including selections from Seth's award-winning childrens' album "Jazz For People Who Are Shorter Than Me." Attendees will learn to scat sing, carry a beat, improvise their own melodies, and more! It'll be so much fun, no one will even realize they're learning.

PARKING--Please park to the right side of the Armory in the free parking lot at 23 N. Main. Please refrain from parking behind the Armory in the Marketplace lot. Parking is also Free on Main street on weekends.