Yay!!!!! This is super exciting! OurStage is a bit like Pandora for indie musicians but it's also cool in that there's this competitive aspect of the site where you can enter 3 songs/videos in different channels a month. Once you've entered a channel competition, listeners get to judge songs head to head or 4 at a time and vote for their favorites! I entered Uh Oh in the Pop Video Channel and it did well enough to qualify for the overall Video Finals. From there it went on to actually WIN!!!! I still can't believe it :) This is definitely the biggest competition I've ever won - it's international and I think about 2000 videos were entered across the channels so yay!! and THANK YOU to all of you OurStage members who voted - I really appreciate it - and all who helped out with the video. For anyone who might not now, we shot the video at the Capitol City Diner in DC and it was directed by Francisco Campos-Lopez. You can see more credits for people who helped out on my links page!

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