Hi Everybody, I hope you're doing well in these crazy times! Life in the time of Covid is definitely a bit strange. I miss performing live with an audience but I plan on getting back to some live streaming once I figure out my Fall teaching schedule. In the meantime, I recorded a song for Art All Night, a very cool art/music event that usually takes place in neighborhoods across the city but this year is virtual. My video will air on Saturday September 26th, the last night of music showcases but other activities are happening every day and the showcases start on Friday the 17th. You can check that out by clicking here: Art All Night.

I've also been added to a few Spotify Playlists that feature talent local to the DMV. Feel free to click the links below to check them out! 

WPA Work From Home Playlist Vol. 5 (put together by Washington Performing Arts and Mars Arts) WPA Work From Home Vol. 5

DC Artist Connection (put together by DCAC) DC Artist Connection

Hope to see you in the real world one of these days but in the meantime, keep safe!