UPDATE - CD Baby is no longer selling any CDs but... if you are interested in purchasing a CD, you are in luck because I am happy to mail one to you - just email me and we can figure it out. If you're interested in downloading any of the albums, they're available on all of the usual platforms. 


No Dusbunnies (full length CD)  is available for $10 (+$2 s&h) 

Tiny Hands (Political EP) is available for $5 (+$2 s&h)

and I'm quite sure Seth Kibel would be happy to sell you a copy of his wonderful CD, Seth Kibel Presents: Songs of Snark & Despair as well so if you'd like one of those, I am happy to put you in touch with him.

To preview songs from No Dustbunnies, Flo's full length original cd, use the player below. To preview songs from Tiny Hands, Flo and Seth Kibel's 2019 political EP, click here: https://tinyhands.hearnow.com/tiny-hands. Flo is also featured on 3 tracks from Seth Kibel Presents Songs of Snark and Despair!