Virtual Kids Singalong

Facebook, Washington, DC

Hiya Friends!

Are you stir crazy yet? Need a break from homeschooling your kids? Been alone for so long that you find yourself reverting to childhood? You're in luck! Come join me for another Virtual Live Kids Singalong this Friday, August 7 at 1 PM EST! This show is FREE but tips/donations are greatly appreciated :)

HOW TO VIEW I'll be singing classic kids songs so come on over to my Facebook Page ( and sing with me! I will be crossposting the singalong on my music page ( as well so you should be able to tune in from either page. This show is free so no fancy logins or passwords are required but if you like what you hear, feel free to leave a virtual tip in one of my virtual tip jars! Your tips are greatly appreciated :)


JOIN THE PARTY If you know you'll be attending and that your child loves one song in particular, feel free to send me your child's name and request ahead of time. If I see your child's name, I'll be sure to include them in the hello/goodbye songs - every now and then live comments don't come through so if you want to guarantee you're included in the songs, letting me know ahead of time is a good safety measure ;) Please let me know that you're there in real time as well by leaving comments, giving a wave, or making a request - it's fun to give shout outs during the show and I love hearing who's listening and from where during the show. For the first singalong, we had kids from 3 different continents watching!

PREPARE FOR THE PARTY If you have percussion instruments hanging around the house (that could anything from egg shakers to rattles, to a pot and a wooden spoon), fee free to bring those out ahead of time. Even if your little one is too young to sing, they can shake along with the music - especially during the Baby Jam!

SHARE THE PARTY I would love to make a party out of this so feel free to invite friends, relatives, and coworkers so we can all sing together :)

IN CASE YOU DON'T KNOW ME My name is Flo Anito and I'm a full time musician based in Washington, DC who studied Music at Wesleyan University. I'm a singer/songwriter who writes jazzy pop music for keys and guitar, I sing in a jazz project, and I teach students aged 5-adult piano, guitar, and voice. I'm the middle of 5 children so I grew up around a lot of kids and I love them! I used to do a lot of story hours, baby/toddler music classes and birthday parties so this singalong will be geared toward younger kids but everyone is welcome to join in the fun including grown up kids ;) Hope to see you Friday!