Vote for me to play the 9:30 Club!

Hey Guys! I'm in a contest to play the 9:30 Club as part of DC Week and I need your help! Please cast 3 votes for Flo Anito! How you ask? 1)copy & pate this link: 2)Hit "Vote" to the left of my name and under the total vote tally (this brings up the option to cast 1 vote, 2 vote, or 3 votes) 3)Enter a valid email address and nick name or log in via fb, google, etc 4)Hit "3 Votes" 5)Optional - Leave a comment (cuz it's good to let them know real people who'd actually like to see me play are voting), tell your friends! You can only cast 3 votes per email address so please make sure to hit that "vote" button and the "3 votes" option to optimize your voting! Thanks so much for your support! Voting goes til oct. 24 and last year the top 10 got to play. Right now I'm in 8th...

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