I'm SUPER excited to be making my debut performance at the BIRCHMERE in March as part of the NEWMYER FLYER Tribute to LAUREL CANYON! We'll be doing a mix of some of the great songs from the 60's and 70's on Friday March 9 so I hope you can come out and sing along! Tickets are on sale now and this show tends to sell out so if you're interested, check it out here (sorry I can't add links to this page so you're going to have to copy and paste, the old fashioned way...) https://www1.ticketmaster.com/event/1500542FBAE41F71?brand=birchmere&camefrom=cfc_birchmere_website

In addition to my original music, I've been doing a fair amount of jazz lately - wanna check it out? Here we are doing 'Sunday Kind of Love' at the Lincoln Theatre! Hope you enjoy!